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TkRat (Ratatosk)

TkRat is a powerful, but yet easy to use, graphical Mail User Agent.

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Tour of TkRat 2.1

Main window

Main window This is the window in which you do your mail reading and handling. It consists of two main areas, the list of messages and the contents of the current message. It also contains menus, buttons and miscelaneous indicators.

Compose window

Compose window This is where you write your letters. The builtin editor has functions like automatic line-wrapping and spell checking. You can also use an external editor of your choice to edit messages. You can also add (and remove) attachments to the messages.

You can also always suspend composition of a message and move it to the hold. Then you can resume composition at a later date. You can of course have multiple messages in the hold.

Folder window

Folder structure window This is the window where you manage your folders. You can drag folders around add submenus etc, create new folders and import existing ones. The structure here will be used in the different menus where you can select folders.

Database folders is a unique TkRat feature. By using keywords you can for virtual folders within the database, and still retainin the ability to quickly search for soecific addresses and subjects within the database. You can also have your stored messages expire after a preset time.

Preferences window

Preferences window TkRat has a lot of different options which can be set. The preferences window offers a way of doing this graphically. Defaults to all options can be set in a global configuration file.

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